The Tiger of Chungshan - an opera

Scarim's 1980 opera is now available in a spiral-bound piano/vocal edition.
Over the years, The Tiger has been performed by regional opera companies and university opera departments from California to New York. The half-hour work has been a hit with school-touring productions and special family performances.
In a forest, three hunters are boasting about what they will do with their trophies. They spot a tiger, and give chase. Nearby, a young student named Chang is walking in the same woods, admiring the spring greenery. The tiger rushes up to Chang, and begs to hide in his traveling bag until the hunters are gone.
Even after Chang has saved his life, the ungrateful tiger nevertheless wants to eat the child. Chang points out this ingratitude, and convinces the tiger to submit to a test: they will ask three elders if this is fair.
They first come upon some old fruit trees, then some old farm animals. Chang twice presents his case, but each time these old characters say, "Ah - it's the way of the world, youngster."
Finally, they meet an old man coming along the road. After hearing Chang's story, he says to the tiger, "This is a difficult case. Perhaps you should give me a demonstration of what happened..."

Press play to hear the overture to The Tiger of Chungshan:

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